Tuesday, July 27, 2010

losing my shop space

The owner of the slightly decrepit establishment where I've been keeping the WRX owes the local gov lots of money. Apparently, so much so that the sheriff said enough and is taking the property. Next week.

So despite being 'not quite running' I have to get my stuff out of there, soon. I made furious progress in the last few weeks, completing all my motor-stand work, dropping the motor in, and getting the brakes working again. I can now flat-tow the car down the block to a garage where it won't be suddenly repossessed.

While the remaining work can all be done with the car on the ground, it's going to be a hard (impossible?) transition to go back to working on cars without a lift. I can't imagine having a serious project car without one. I'm working on finding another shop with a lift, or possibly investing in a semi-permanent one for my garage.

All is not so bad, here are some photos of recent progress.