Sunday, March 6, 2011

no more scooby snacks for me

After an emotional struggle to get the darn thing working right, a bunch of things changed in my life. I spent some time in Europe and North Carolina and the WRX sat in the cold for two months. After much deliberation (with myself) I decided to sell the Subaru.

Yes, I admitted defeat. I bit off more than I could chew, I took on too big of a project with too little time and money. I might (might!) do another motor build, but decades from now. How about after retirement? Oh wait, people don't retire anymore. Scratch that.

In typical fashion, I've been hunting for something to fill the void. Always torn: do I go for something new and reliable-ish or something old and oozing character? How about a Saab Viggen? They're fast, weird, and full of flaws character. Maybe an old Volvo wagon with a mid-nineties Ford Cobra drivetrain? I could find parts anywhere (even down South). Maybe even an Audi ur-S4. Sure, it's a porker, but it has that blitzkreig 20 valve five complete with that wonderful, terrifying warble.

No, I think I'll go for something more ridiculous. Details to follow.

How about a few farewell photos of the Subaru? She was fun for the 2.1 months I actually drove her.