Saturday, April 16, 2011

MM-MM good

 I've gone off the deep end, and bought my first M car.
It's a 1991, late 1990 build. It lost all its M5 badges at some point in time, which I don't mind at all. It's also shod with rare 17x8, 17x9 Style 10's, with nice M centercaps. I didn't much care for the wheels in photos, but in person they're attractive and understated. The lips are nice touch. It also has a neat, 4-seat, leather/cloth euro interior called "Webstruktur" offered on some late, euro-LE models. The front seats are heated and manually adjusted. I'll work on getting some photos of the interior, it's pretty cool and very period. The self-opening rear console is great party trick, even if the mouse-fur dividers seem sized for defunct cassette tapes.


It has a lot of miles. A LOT. I had a compression and leakdown test done and saw good numbers. The valve clearances were checked. On top of that, the owner claimed it recently trapped 98 mph at the drag strip. Not bad for an old gal. She definitely feels like 315 bhp.

It's a blast to drive, that S38 motor howls and just begs for revs. I always read about how M5s tend to shrink with speed and feel better that harder they're driven. It's true. I can't wait to take it to the track to responsibly access that speed. It's very solid and full of character. It's a far cry from the WRX I sold to buy it. It feels like a well-engineered, complete execution instead of a very fast appliance.

Hopefully I won't live out any of the horror stories that can go along with low-production cars. It'll be interesting, for sure.

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